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Flexible Lamination
  Adhesives for Flexible Packaging
Flexible Lamination -> Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot Melt Adhesives -> Conventional

HMY-1505 - As Bostik’s top selling packaging product, HMY-1505 is a high performing and versatile general purpose adhesive that offers optimum production flexibility. HMY-1505 provides clean machining and outstanding thermal stability for optimal manufacturing efficiency. With exceptional metal removability, HMY-1505 offers quick clean-up for manufacturing equipment. HMY-1505 also offers an excellent balance of heat and cold resistance for a range of shipping conditions.

H1639 - H1639 offers a superior processing window and service temperature range, fast set speed with a good hot tack, and excellent thermal stability. With water-white color and low odor, H1639 provides maximum production flexibility.

H1865 - Designed specifically to provide the optimal balance of high performance and excellent cost in use, H1865 provides a wide temperature resistance and excellent adhesion while providing clean processability. H1865 also offers high hot tack to bond in a variety of conditions including short compression times and to a variety of substrates including high memory and dense board stocks.

Hot Melt Adhesives -> Freezer-Grade

- With high hot tack, H1238 offers superior adhesion to uncoated and some coated stocks. H1238 balances open time and set speed to provide optimal performance in freezer applications including blast freezers.

H1731 - H1731 offers a moderate open time with fast set for process flexibility and superior adhesion to uncoated and coated stocks, including polylaminate stocks. H1731 features excellent freezer resistance and can be used in blast freezer applications.

- H1895 offers a high level of hot tack to adhere difficult substrates and to optimize production lines with short compression sections. With superior freezer resistance and strong elevated temperature resistance, H1895 performs well in a variety of shipping conditions. As a water white product, H1895 has excellent thermal stability.

Hot Melt Adhesives -> Low Application Temperature

H1714 - H1714 is a product specifically designed to provide very low application temperatures (250°F to 275°F) while still providing fiber-tearing bonds over a wide temperature range on a variety of substrates.

Hot Melt Adhesives -> Specialty

Difficult Substrates

H7911334B - H7911334B offers superior adhesion to difficult substrates including polylaminates, mylar, and metalized substrates.


H9463 - H9463 is formulated to offer high adhesion and fast set for the side seam and top sealing applications of polywoven bags. The high heat resistance characteristics of the H9463 allow this product to be used for a variety of polywoven bag products.

Hot Melt Adhesives -> Labeling

H2790 - H2790 is a colorless, full pressure sensitive labeling adhesive that machine well on rotary labelers. H2790 also offers strong adhesion in both hot and cold end use environments, providing versatility in applications.

H284-332 - H284-332, an industry standard in roll through labeling, has an easy to use product form and aggressive tack that offers excellent and reliable pick up. H284-332 works in conjunction with Bostik’s liquid lap adhesives.

H5401 - H5401 is a full pressure sensitive adhesive of high speed labeling and in-line labeling equipment. With clean machining and high residual tack, H5401 offers superior adhesion to poly bottles labels.

H9479 - H9479 is permanent adhesion pick up for roll thru labeling applications. With its high tack properties, it performs well for high speed applications. Because it machines cleanly, it optimal for swirl spray label pick applications as well.